AGM & Parent Communication Meeting

The OJCS Annual General & Parent Commuinication Meeting is coming up.  Please join us on Wednesday. September 25th @ 7pm in the Gym.  All parents and stakeholders are welcome – and encouraged – to join. 


Along with the standard issues and governance that is reviewed and discussed in an AGM, we will also be doing some hands-on learning, exploring and subscribing that will help parents know exactly how to find the information about your child(ren)’s class(es), including homework, quizzes, tests, projects and everything else you want and need to be wonderful partners and advocates.  Our North Star “We learn better together doesn’t just refer to students and teachers; parents, guardians, family members –  the entire community – are all integral parts of the learning experience.  #TheOJCSDifference


For more information about that part of the evening, here are some thoughts from our Board President, Leila Ages:


“Dear Parents,


I would like to urge all parents to attend this meeting. It is a chance for you to review our financial position, understand our vision, ask questions, and most importantly become involved in the school. If you cannot attend and would like to vote on any of the items listed in the Notice (attached) please fill out the proxy (attached) and return it to the school. You can return the proxy by mail, in person (office), by fax (613-722-7346) or by email to


Each parent is a member and gets a vote.


Sincerely yours, Leila Ages President of the Board of Directors”


We will likely put out some additional information about the workshop (including either an opportunity for folks to participate virtually and/or where to find a recording of it) because we are actively shaping it in response to feedback from the opening of school.  We realize that that can seem a bit messy, but we want to make sure that our assumptions about how we prepared for this year are actually borne out in reality.  We want to actively respond to the facts on the ground, not what we assumed they would be.  If you have specific questions, concerns or suggestions on the content of the workshop, please don’t hesitate to share them.  We want this to be in service of parents’ felt needs.


Finally, if you need an extra incentive to be with us, please note that we will be making a major announcement that evening on how we plan to secure the long-term future of our school.  It is very exciting and will be a big moment for us and our community.


We look forward to seeing everyone on the 25th @ 7pm!

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