Important Info Regarding Junior Kindergarten @ OJCS

After three years of operating a successful stand-alone OJCS Junior Kindergarten, we have decided that as result of a changing landscape we will no longer offer this accelerated boost into OJCS for the 2024-2025 school year.  Our decision is based on a combination of specialized services only available for JKs operating in early child centres, the launch of “$10-a-day-daycare,” and our genuine desire to simplify and unify our community’s options.  We are very proud of the program we built and can see the fruits of the program in the students who are now thriving in older grades.

With our focus on ensuring valuable options for JK students, I am pleased to share that we are engaged in positive and constructive conversations with Ganon to see what from OJCS JK could seamlessly be incorporated into Ganon’s well-regarded program.

We are also working closely together to ensure the Ganon-OJCS relationship is renewed and strengthened in the years ahead.  It is a blessing for our community to have an exciting path for Jewish education that begins in the earliest years and moves all the way through Grade 8.  Ganon’s success is OJCS’ and vice versa.  We are looking forward to building a strong bridge that brings our mutual expertise and shared resources together for the greater good.

Please check back for any additional updates as they arise and please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or thoughts. 

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