Student Support Services

Special Education Resource Department

The OJCS Special Education Resource Department provides the highest standard of educational supports to ensure all of our students achieve success. Our Department is comprised of our Principal, our Director of Special Education, full-time and part-time teaching staff who provide individualized assistance and support to students in all areas of their studies. Our many supports include:

  • Intervention Reading Program (K-3) to ensure our students become fluent readers with strong reading comprehension;
    Coaching with teachers from specialists to enhance our gifted learners within the classroom;
  • Individual Education Plans or Support Plans to offer individualized accommodations that help guide teachers in strategically supporting the students in their success;
  • Supporting the use of technology, such as laptops and iPads, with assistive software to help students with special needs effectively communicate their ideas and stay organized;
  • Weekly in-class remediation in Language Arts and Math;
  • Use of the A-Z learning (K-3) and Star Reading Assessments (1-8) to ensure that the students are meeting their literacy targets;
  • Out-of-class support with a Special Education teacher to build specific skills in Language Arts and Math;
  • Math consultant who works with the teachers weekly to offer extensions or remediation;
  • Extended Math for students who need a further challenge with a math specialist;
  • Hebrew Resource to facilitate learning for ESL students, as well as students who need Hebrew language remediation;
  • French Resource and French enrichment for students who require extra support (1-3)
  • School psychotherapist to help our students maintain social and emotional wellness;
  • Screening programs for speech and language development, as well as fine motor development;
  • Access to an occupational therapist, speech pathologist and/or physiotherapist through the LHIN, or hired privately to work with the student during the school day.

Supporting all of our students in their learning is our priority. Our Resource Department makes OJCS a wonderful place for every child to grow and learn.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child and their learning, please be in touch with our Director of Special Education, Sharon Reichstein, BA, BEd, Special Education, DSW, at 613-722-0020 ext.329 or

On-Site Psychotherapist

Parents wishing to utilize our in school social worker for their children may contact Jennifer Munroe,  at 613-722-0020 ext. 335, or

Math Coach

If you have any questions about our math program and the extended or remedial math services available, please contact our math coach Chelsea Cleveland at