Dress Code

OJCS Dress Code Statement of Purpose

The OJCS observes a dress code with the following purposes

  • Proper appearance and dress enhances the educational environment at OJCS.
  • Dignified attire engages students with a sense of pride and self worth.
  • The OJCS uniform creates a positive feeling of school spirit.
  • The uniform allows students to focus on means of creativity and self-expression other than clothing.
  • A modest dress code tends to eliminate student preoccupation with external appearance in favour of greater focus on respect, responsibility and reaching for excellence.

Uniform Policy

The OJCS uniform policy requires students to wear a collared white or grey polo shirt or blouse with the school logo with navy pants, skirts or tunics.

All students must purchase a minimum of one white collared polo shirt (with the school logo.)

You can purchase tops from either:


Polo tops only are available from the OJCS store at Irving Rivers online



Purchases done through Lands’ End (Preferred School Number: 900163429).

The pants, skirts, and tunics may be purchased at an outlet of your choice, provided the item is navy and follows the school’s dress code.  Socks, leggings and tights must be navy blue, grey or white. Shoes can be of any color.

For help with ordering OJCS uniforms please contact Jennifer Greenberg at 613-722-0020 ext. 345 or admissions@theojcs.ca

Dress Code

Students are required to wear their uniforms at all times except for Dress Down

  • Uniform shorts must be a solid navy colour, just as uniform pants and
    skirts. (NEW)
  • No baseball caps are allowed in class; caps are allowed during PE or during recess
  • All Jewish males must wear kippot at all times within the school building.
  • Earrings should be small and tasteful. (No large hoop earrings or long dangly
    earrings safety reasons.)
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts must fall to the kneecap.
  • No low-cut, spaghetti straps or sleeveless shirts.
  • Leggings are permitted to be worn under skirts. No leggings are to be worn as
    pants even on Dress Down Days.
  • No offensive wording on shirts.
  • Shorts may not be worn, except for PE, when the temperature falls below 10
    degrees. (NEW)

Students in violation of Dress Code will be provided a change of clothes until
their parent or guardian can bring an appropriate replacement. (NEW)

Physical Education Clothing

  • All students need to wear running shoes for PE.
  • Girls may wear leggings under shorts. (NEW)
  • Girls who wear skirts for religious reasons may wear skirts for PE provided they are
    appropriate and will not be unsafe for the student.


In addition to the school uniforms, OJCS branded apparel can be purchased at anytime throughout the year.   Hoodies, sweatpants, kippahs and more are available.  Now you can wear your RUACH and look good at the same time!

Dress Down Days

  • Held on the last Friday of each month.
  • Students are encouraged donate a loonie/toonie.
  • Monies raised will go to various charities.


Please refrain from wearing perfumes when in the school building as many of our
students and faculty suffer from asthma and allergies. Your cooperation is appreciated.