Parenting with Social Distance Continued….

As distance learning continues at OJCS we recognize that the struggles and challenges of being a parent during these unprecedented times are tougher than ever.  To help our OJCS families the PTA has hosted 2 virtual events.  Hosted by Sharon Reichstein, the Director of Special Needs at OJCS and Dr. Lindsay Borovay, a clinical psychologist, these events were facilitated conversations between OJCS parents covering such topics as:  proper balance of non school screen time; video games and their potential social benefits; during this time of distance learning when should / shouldn’t parents intervene if their children are not doing what they are supposed to during class; how to help students with ADHD focus in this new home environment; and much more.

Below are the video recordings from each event.  If you have any follow up questions, or wish to discuss further OJCS PTA events, please email the head of the PTA at

(Unfortunately there were technical issues and the first few minutes of each meeting were not recorded.  We apologize for any inconvenience.)

Recording from 1st Event – March 25, 2020


Recording from 2nd Event – April 29, 2020



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