A few weeks ago Morah Ruthie read that teachers in the south of Israel were asking schools in the north of Israel to write them letters as, due to the on-going fighting, the children were having a tough time and could greatly benefit from some support and encouragement.  Eager to help and inspired by the request, Morah Ruthie emailed the teachers and asked if sending letters from OJCS students all the way in Canada would help in anyway….and she received over a hundred replies!  Schools in Sderot, Ashkelon, teachers on Kibbutzim and even a Seniors home all said how much they would love and appreciate to receive our support.

Of course Morah Ruthie immediately told our students about this opportunity to help our chaverim in Israel and the result are these wonderful and sincere letters they wrote:

Letters to Israel
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The letters have been sent to numerous schools and institutions all over the south of Israel and the response has been truly heart-warming.  A teacher in Ashkelon wrote back saying:

“We received your letters. I read them and I must tell you that I was very excited and very moved by them. I am already planning and activity in my class around these letters. Please give your students our thanks and our love. 

שלום שלום!
“כן, קיבלתי מכתבים. המון תודה לך ולתלמידים שלך. קראתי אותם וחייבת להגיד שהם מאוד ריגשו אותי. כבר חושבת על פעילות בכיתה עם המכתבים. תמסרי לילדים המון תודה ואהבה מאיתנו.

-Diana Katsap 

Todah rabah to Morah Ruthie and to all our OJCS yeladim who shared their strength and support with Israel.  Truly this is an act of kindness that is in-line with every one of our OJCS North Stars.

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