E-Waste Yad B’Yad Mitzvah Initiative

Do you have old electronics sitting at home?
Bring OJCS your e-waste for recycling!

Do you have old electronics sitting at home? As a part of our Yad B’Yad Mitzvah Initiative our Middle School Students will collect and sort electronics that Quantum Life Cycle Partners will safely dispose of and/or recycle.

Where will this event occur?

The main parking lot of the Ottawa Jewish Community School

When will this event take place?

This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (June 14-16th) at drop off and pick up. Students will be outside from 8:30-8:45 AM and 3:30-4:00 PM to help collect your old e-waste and sort it for recycling.

What types of items can I drop off to be safely recycled?


TVs, computers (laptop and desktop), monitors, cell phones, gaming consoles, power cords, batteries, toners, audio systems, video systems, printers, electronic toys, GPS, adapters, cables, and many other items can all be recycled!  Here is the complete list of accepted items:

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What if I have a question or concern?

If you have any questions, comments or need any clarification on the process or types of items you can drop off, please email ewaste@theojcs.ca and someone from our Yad B’Yad Mitzvah Initiative will get back to you shortly.

That’s it!  Couldn’t be simpler!!  From June 14-16th, during drop-off and pick-up, you bring in all your old electronics, batteries, and anything else that qualifies as e-waste, and our Yad B’Yad Mitzvah Initiative Middle School Students will recycle it for you!

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