The OJCS Alumni Association is comprised of students, families, and faculty who have been a part of the Hillel Elementary community as well as the OJCS. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to foster a life-long connection between members and maintain strong ties to our school community.

Our graduates continue to support our school through fundraising, positively representing our school in the community, serving on school committees and participating in school events. Through our Alumni Facebook page, and events throughout the year, we showcase the accomplishments of our graduates and help them keep in touch.

We are proud of all of our graduates who have moved on to best represent us in top high schools and post-secondary institutions, and who have achieved much success in their academic, professional and personal lives. Many of our alumni have also taken on significant leadership roles in the Jewish community and in the Ottawa community at large. It is even more exciting when we see our school family come full circle as our alumni enrol their children at OJCS and become current parents.

If you would like to plan an alumni event, reconnect with the school or help with school fundraising, we have a job for you! Email Jennifer Greenberg or Leila Ages to get involved.