School Life


Experiencing the vibrancy of our Jewish Cultural and Heritage is one of the foundations of our school.  Experiential Jewish Education is the ability to connect our students to the Jewish values through building meaningful Jewish experiences. We are applying new and innovative ways to combine traditional methods of learning and Jewish practice with an affective component to nurture and grow a love for your child’s Jewish culture, heritage and for Israel.

Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming the Sabbath)

Once a month our school comes together to celebrate and welcome the Shabbat. Students sing and recite the blessing over the candles, challah and grape juice. A middle school student delivers a Dvar Torah that relates an idea they are learning from their Judaic classes to practices that each student can apply to their everyday life.

Rosh Chodesh Tefillah (Welcoming the New Month)

Our students and their families gather once a month for morning prayers to celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the new month. Students lead and participate in the services which are followed by a bagel breakfast.

Holiday Programming from September to June

Our school celebrates all of the Jewish holidays in engaging and meaningful ways.  We have shofar-making workshops, building and decorating the Sukkah, Chanukah concerts, tree planting on TuB’Shvat, Megillah reading and Purim carnival, model Passover seders, Yom Hazikaron memorials and Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations.

Chessed (Acts of Kindness) 

are an integral part of our core values at OJCS.  Students visit Hillel Lodge, the Jewish Community Long Term Care Facility, participate in the community-wide Mitzvah Day, support our Kosher Food Bank and partake in Tzedekah projects that emphasize the importance of charity in both the Jewish context as well as their responsibility as a global citizen.

Extra-Curricular (Clubs and Activities)

The OJCS encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities to explore different interests, try something new and meet students in other grades. There are clubs, sports teams, and house leagues held throughout the year for the students during first and second nutrition breaks.

Clubs and activities change seasonally and are organized by different members of the faculty and student leaders. Some of the extracurricular clubs include Mad Science, chess n’ math club, cartooning, multi-sports, drama, acapella singing club, environmental club, robotics, Talmud club, intergenerational card club, as well as junior and senior concert band.

Early-Care Program 

We offer a supervised early-care program located in our gymnasium from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

After-Care Program

OJCS is located beside the Soloway Jewish Community Centre, which provides our families with a variety of enrichment programs and after-care activities that are easily accessible from our school. Other programs that the SJCC offers that our students participate in include yoga, floor hockey, musical theatre, karate, swimming and more.

Uniform Policy

The uniform policy for ADK to grade eight is being modified slightly to reduce the cost for parents.

The OJCS uniform policy requires students to wear a collared white or grey polo shirt or blouse with the school logo with navy pants, skirts or tunics.

All students must purchase a minimum of one white collared polo shirt (with the school logo.) All purchases of tops will be done through Lands’ End. The pants, skirts, and tunics may be purchased at an outlet of your choice, provided the item is navy and follows the school’s dress code.

Socks, leggings and tights must be navy blue, grey or white. Shoes can be of any color.

Gym Uniforms

For students in grades five to eight, at least one white OJCS gym t-shirt must be purchased from Lands’ End. Students may wear their own knee-length navy athletic shorts. Gym t-shirts may only be worn during gym class.

Additional options

Parents will have the option of ordering the following additional OJCS logo items through Lands’ End. (Sizes range from JXXS – XL):

  • Short sleeve polo (white or grey)
  • Long sleeve polo (white or grey)
  • Gym t-shirt for grades 5-8 only (white)
  • Vest (navy blue)
  • Fleece (navy blue)
  • Cardigan (navy blue)
  • Long sleeve blouse (white)
  • Short sleeve blouse (white)
  • Long sleeve button down (white)
  • NEW: crewneck sweatshirt (burgundy or cobalt blue – must be worn over a collared shirt)

Ordering can be done anytime throughout the year.

(Uniform Policy is subject to change)


The library collection consists of over 20,000 volumes in English, French and Hebrew that support all levels of curricular and recreational needs. It is place for students to enjoy reading in a relaxed environment and develop their inquiry and research skills, critical thinking, and responsible use of text and digital information.

The library is open five days a week; library periods are scheduled by the classroom teacher and the library is also open on a scheduled basis during Nutrition Breaks. Students can use their library periods for reading, research, or to take out or return books. There are four computers available for research use as well as a large interactive screen used for video presentations, slideshows and conference calls.

Our library technician supports literacy through ongoing collection development, book talks and programs such as Reading Buddies for our students and the neighbouring preschools. Our librarian works with our teachers to provide each classroom with books to enhance a thematic unit, or for a student expressing a particular interest, and works collaboratively with classrooms teachers during library visits.

The library also welcomes teachers and parents looking for resources or just a quiet place of respite. Come in and relax on our comfy couches and read a good book!

Parent Ambassadors

Our parent ambassadors are our OJCS cheerleaders. You are passionate and supportive advocates for our school and understand the importance of Jewish education. Parent ambassadors are involved in many different aspects of our community and are credible and reliable resources who can speak positively about our school with other parents and the community at large. Our school appreciates the commitment of our ambassadors and strives to make this an enjoyable and involved role for the parents who join us in promoting OJCS.


  • Encourage word-of-mouth marketing
  • Assist the school in communicating its mission and message
  • Create a positive “buzz” in the community
  • Increase enrollment

Areas of Focus

  • Share information regarding our school’s mission, services, activities and successes
  • Share school emails with classroom parents, adding a personal touch relevant to those families; share and like school marketing materials, photos and posts on social media
  • Be a positive voice and “cheerleader” for OJCS within their circle and wider community
  • Reach out to potential new families to let them know about OJCS
  • Welcome and inform newcomers about OJCS
  • Contribute to Parent Action Teams

Student Support Services

The OJCS Special Education Resource Department provides the highest standard of educational supports to ensure all of our students achieve success.  Our Department is comprised of full-time teaching staff that provides individualized assistance and support to students in all areas of their studies.  Our many supports include:

  • Early Intervention Reading Program (K-3) to ensure our students become fluent readers with strong reading comprehension;
  • Special Interest Learning class for gifted learners and accelerated learning in class;
  • Individual Education Plans or Support Plans to offer individualized accommodations that help guide teachers in strategically supporting the students in their success;
  • Supporting the use of technology, such as laptops and iPads, with assistive software to help students with special needs effectively communicate their ideas and stay organized;
  • Weekly in-class remediation in Language Arts;
  • Use of the Nelson Benchmark Program (K-3) and CASI Program (4-6) to ensure that the students are meeting their literacy targets;
  • Out-of-class support with a Special Education teacher to build specific skills in Language Arts and Math;
  • Math consultant who works with the teachers weekly to offer extensions or remediation;
  • Extended Math for students who need further challenge with a math specialist;
  • Hebrew Resource to facilitate learning for ESL students, as well as students who need Hebrew language remediation;
  • School social worker to help our students maintain social and emotional wellness;
  • Screening programs for speech and language development, as well as fine motor development;
  • Access to an occupational therapist, speech pathologist and/or physiotherapist through CCAC, or hired privately to work with the student during the school day.

Supporting all of our students in their learning is our priority. Our Resource Department makes OJCS a wonderful place for every child to grow and learn.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child and their learning, please be in touch with our Special Resource Coordinator, Keren Gordon, M.Ed., B.Ed., Hon. B.A.

Parents wishing to utilize our in school Social Work Services for their children may contact Kathryn Owens, MSW RSW.

If you have any questions about our math program and the extended or remedial math services available, please contact our math coach Chelsea Cleveland.