OJCS Students performing well above Canadian Norms

Students in the third and sixth grade at the OJCS wrote the Canadian Achievement Test – 4 (CAT:4) in May 2016. This standardized measure assesses basic Reading, Writing and Mathematics skills. The following results are based on comparing our students’ performance to other students’ who completed the CAT:4 across Canada.

We are very proud to share that overall, our 3rd and 6th grade students are performing above grade-level in all areas measured. In fact, they are generally performing at least two grades above expected level in Reading, Writing Conventions and Mathematics! This means that in the areas assessed, our students’ academic skills rank well above the Canadian norm and far exceed most Canadian students’ performance in these subject areas.

Below are the specific results for each grade:










Please Note:

The grade equivalent is a scale of measurement used to rate our students’ progress in the different academic areas in relation to the other students. For example, our third grade students’ performance in Reading is at a grade 5.5 equivalent indicating that overall, their average performance in Reading is equivalent to the Reading skills of students in the fifth month of the fifth grade.


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