Our dedicated teachers, staff and community partners are focused on helping your children achieve academic success. By creating and building upon a culture of high expectations, our students reach their greatest potential and carry that ambition and work ethic with them as they move through life.

The academic success achieved by our students is demonstrated in the results from  the CASI (Comprehension, Attitudes, Strategies, and Interests) Reading Assessment, administered to students from grades four to eight. The CASI is used by many schools across Ontario to determine students’ abilities and achievements in the context of grade level norms. The tasks align with those used in the Ontario Education Quality and Accountability testing (EQAO) for grade three, six and nine.

CASI  assessments coordinate with the Ministry of Ontario curriculum expectations for each grade level. Therefore, these assessments allow teachers to deliver effective instruction to students to support their daily language arts and math programs, as well as provide relevant feedback to parents.


Students in Grades 3 to 6 also participate in the CAT-4 assessment, the newest version of the Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT).